PC Candidate Anthony MacDonald Hosts Deputy PC Leader Christine Elliott for Health Roundtable in Guelph
April 05, 2013

Anthony MacDonald, Guelph PC Party Candidate, hosted Christine Elliott, Deputy Leader of the Ontario PC Party and Official Opposition Critic for Health, at a roundtable discussion with healthcare stakeholders from the Guelph region.

Participants discussed the recent PC Party white paper on health, “Paths to Prosperity: A Healthier Ontario,” as well as local health care priorities for the Guelph region. Anthony MacDonald and Christine Elliott emphasized the PC Party’s focus on innovative, patient-centred care as well as shift away from the scandal-plagued bureaucratic health care model of the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals.

“I appreciated hearing the priorities, concerns and ideas of the health care providers located here in Guelph.  We know we need to improve how health care is delivered in Ontario – hearing from those closest to the system is very helpful,” said MacDonald.

“There needs to be several shifts in the way we approach health care in the province. We need to move from an acute care model of care to chronic care. We need to deliver services in people’s homes and we need to focus on developing an accessible, coherent mental health system,” Elliott said.  Elliott noted that Ontario’s health care system is unsustainable, and required innovative solutions.

“It’s been great to come to Guelph to get local feedback on our white paper, and listen to local health care concerns,” Elliott said. 


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